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While conventional views of power and authority seem to indicate that you should co-opt and capture other tribes, you can often achieve more by freeing your own people to maximize their vision alongside yours.
S. Godin

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When Management Misdirects Employees -- My Response to Ben Horowitz - LAUNCH -

think about it :

(1. Read Ben’s piece.)
2. Be careful what you incent for.
3. If you use quantitative incentives, be sure to complement them with qualitative ones.
4. The best systems are the ones that constantly evolve, challenge, change and layer incentives and goals, while constantly communicating why.
5. Most of the time when a team misinterprets a manager, it is the manager’s fault for not anticipating the ramifications of his behavior or monitoring the system he put in place. It could also simply have been a bad idea on the manager’s part.
6. Even if it is the employees’ fault, the manager should take ownership since that’s the easiest way to move on (e.g., “Listen, I set the wrong goal here. Let me reset the expectation and you tell me if you think it’s correct.”).
from @Jason

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HOW TO: Hire the Perfect CTO

“What I usually look for is a developer who is creative. That’s not to say someone who could literally paint a picture (though it helps if they understand aesthetics). No, the idea is to find a CTO who can creatively solve problems and imagine new solutions, even if someone else hasn’t done it before. An innovator with “geek cred.” That’s what you’re looking for.”
“Be sure you find someone who is not just competent in understanding technology, but someone who is passionate about technology. There is a difference. In your interview ask, “What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?” If it’s tech related, you might be getting even more than you’re paying for.”

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Challenge for IT entrepreneur

"Make use of mobile technology without tearing down the virtual wall between work and family and leisure time." "IT has met challenges like these in the past and it has been the creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who have been most successful. New ways of doing business will be required. You can be part of this change by doing your job to the best of your ability" @PierreTran

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