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Was it Destiny?
Having received my new white iPhone 4Gs before leaving for Germany,
Having planned to buy the day after my return, a shell in order to fix the strap that I routinely use when I make a phone call in a public space,
Having forgotten, back from Germany, on my way to work, my hands-free kit that I routinely use to call in crowded places,
Having activated in the afternoon the icloud service to sync the pictures of the weekend,
Being home early rather than joining a friend (s),
Having decided to call my grandmother leaving the RER rather than later “as usual”
Having walked faster than the group of three people who were ahead of me,
Not hearing the sounds of someone racing behind me while finishing my conversation,
Not being able to catch the “new owner of my phone” [sic] in combat gear (basket - jogging) despite my sprint in suit - shoes and bag,
Still having my satchel where my Ipad and mac book air were,
Not having been molested, or worse,
Having lost a tech device produced in millions of identical copies.

I do not know if this sequence of events was written somewhere.
I do not know how I could have influenced these different stages.

All I know is that it happened and it could have been much worse.

I know that Destiny is not everything,
And being at the right or the wrong place,
At the right or the wrong time,
And making the right decision or not,
Ultimately depends on us.

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today ?”

And you ?

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